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The Village of Hampshire is a quaint, close-knit town tucked into the hills between Columbia and Hohenwald, Tennessee, just 9 miles off the Natchez Trace Parkway. It’s a picture-perfect representation of life in Nashvile’s Big Back Yard, brimming with personality and hospitality. It’s so peaceful and sweet, you’d never believe Music City is just 50 minutes away.

Toast to Small-Town Living

This is Tennessee’s Napa Valley. The soil and climate here are a little cooler and drier than the surrounding areas, ideal for grape growing and spectacular for winemaking. The Village of Hampshire is home to three award-winning wineries: Amber Falls Winery & Cellars, Keg Springs Wineries, and Natchez Hills Vineyard. They’re not just tourist attractions, though plenty of people cruise the Natchez Trace Wine Trail to visit each one. They’re also beloved local businesses, perfect spots for sunset picnics, scenic date nights, and a happier happy hour than anything you’ll find at a crowded pub.

Drink in the Scenery

What’s a charming village without gorgeous views? Hampshire is surrounded by rolling hills and postcard-worthy farmland that’s an instant de-stresser. The farms around the village make up a thriving organic farming community, growing everything from organic blueberries and homemade honey to sustainably raised beef and pork. You don’t have to live on a farm to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Folks come from all over the county to get the first taste of the best the land has to offer at Hampshire’s bustling Farmer’s Market every Tuesday.