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Serene Summertown, Tennessee is an unincorporated community nestled into the hills east of the Natchez Trace Parkway. It’s a small community of friendly neighbors, where folks look out for each other but don’t mind a few acres of breathing room. The actual “town” is a cluster of streets where you’ll find most local businesses; however, many Summertown residents opt to stretch their wings a little and settle or build in the picturesque rural areas in the surrounding hills.

Back to the Land, Once Again 

Summertown has its own fascinating “Back to the Land” stories. In the 1970s, a caravan of school buses and vans brought 320 “hippie idealists” from San Francisco to pool their resources and put down roots in the Tennessee hills. The Farm remains an active intentional community just outside of Summertown. It’s home to an EcoVillage Training Center, international outreach mission, K-12 school, world-famous Farm Midwifery Center, vegan cookbook publication house and biannual weekend retreat for curious visitors. About 200 people still live on The Farm today, representing four generations of compassion for the planet and peaceful community.

Roadside Attractions

The Summertown area is also home to a sizable Amish and Mennonite population, which means the best of the best roadside farm stands and natural food markets. Don’t miss Yoder’s Homestead Market on Highway 20 on your way into town for the freshest veggies, excellent bulk items, and best homemade breads and pastries you’ll ever try.