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Waynesboro is the seat of Wayne County, home to 2,500 people who appreciate all of the perks of small-town living: affordability, low crime, good schools, and an opportunity to be a part of a close-knit community.

Get Involved

Folks in Waynesboro are quick to invite you to just about anything: community events, high school football games, local happenings, and civic opportunities. That’s because Waynesboro is the kind of place where everyone plays an important part, and people just naturally want to work together. It’s common for visitors to feel like instant locals, and easy for transplants to plug in, get involved, and make a good life outside of the urban hustle and suburban sprawl.


Waynesboro might be small, but it’s a hive of activity. Residents play sports, support local causes, plan events, worship, and celebrate together. Just pop into Emeralds Restaurant any day during lunch time and you’ll find a multigenerational crowd catching up, sharing stories, and welcoming newcomers.

Get Outside

Located on the Green River, Waynesboro has long been a magnet for outdoorsy folks. With abundant kayaking, hiking, and wildlife just outside the few blocks that make up the city limits, it’s a no-brainer for hunters, hikers, paddlers, and nature lovers. It’s also just a stone’s throw away from the Tennessee and Buffalo rivers for even more opportunities to float through the unspoiled natural beauty of Nashville’s Big Back Yard. 


Perhaps its most well-known nature getaway is Tennessee Fitness Spa and its famous wooded wellness center campus.  Visitors come from all over the world looking for a re-set in the “middle of nowhere,” nestled in the Tennessee foothills. The property includes more than just gorgeous views; it’s also home to the only known double-span natural bridge formation in the world.