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The purpose of this video is to create a short, informative video explaining what Nashville’s Big Back Yard is, and why the towns within it make an ideal place for migrating city dwellers looking to sow their roots. The video will feature Leipers Fork resident and host of American Pickers, Mike Wolfe. Mike will speak directly to camera as well as perform a series of voice  overs coinciding with animation, briefly explaining each town, and it's uniqueness. The total run time of the video should be around 2-2.5 minutes long, with strong points, making sure the audience’s attention is never lost. 


In an age where the internet is overly saturated with information, it is important that content is short, entertaining, and visually strong. Animation videos have become a preferred method for content information as it helps get your story more easily understood. With 65% of people termed as visual learners, and 90% of the information being transmitted to the brain being visual, animation has become the medium of choice to cut above the noise. 

Although Mike will be doing voice over during animation segments, we will also film Mike on location, to guarantee we have brand pollination. Mike will be filmed in anywhere from 1-3 locations, first appearing in the end, interjecting somewhere in the middle, and then wrapping up the video at the end. Locations will be generic country locations (interior and/or exterior) with consistent camera movement to ensure there is never a moment of stagnation for the audience (steadicam/jib). 

Benefits of Animation


Mike Wolfe

1 - 3 locations

Voice over 

anywhere USA b-roll

Working Frame:

Actual Script
to come



0:05 - Camera moves to Mike Wolfe

0:05 - Mike Wolfe: Hi, I’m Mike Wolfe, and welcome to my neighborhood in Nashville’s Big Back Yard. All of a sudden, our little slice of Tennessee is getting a lot of attention from folks who are ready to escape densely populated cities for more than a long weekend. People like you are pushing the reset button and reinventing life around what’s really important. 

Whether relocation is on your radar or you’re just curious about what life is like out here, I’d like to invite you to tour through the Tennessee Trace and get a feel for each distinctive community in Nashville's Big Backyard. Let’s take a look.

0:25 - Mike Voice Over (Leipers Fork)

0:25 - Mike Wolfe: Situated just 28 miles south of Nashville is Leipers Fork, the poster child for charming rural villages. With charming boutiques, down-home restaurants like Country Boy or upscale food like 1892, and a great music scene at the original Puckett's Grocery....

0:35 - Mike Voice Over (Santa Fe)

0:35 - Mike Wolfe: If you head a few miles south, you’ll find Santa Fe. A best-kept-secret kind of place that draws all flavors of city dwellers. It’s pretty much exactly what folks picture when they dream of soaking up long country sunsets and keeping a few chickens on an honest patch of land. Visit the Fly Antique store if you’re into collecting, or enjoy the food at Santa Fe Diner or Nett’s. It’s hard to believe this quaint place is only 50 miles outside of Nashville. For some, it’s a just-right blueprint for the modern rural escape.

0:45 - Mike Voice Over (Hampshire)

0:45 - Mike Wolfe: Jumping over to Mount Pleasant, you’ll find a booming historic downtown. With movie nights on the square, as well as Festival’s and Parades, it seems that there are always activities. If you’re looking for good schools for your children, their education system is second to none.

0:55 - Mike Voice Over (Mount Pleasant)

0:55 - Mike Wolfe: Jumping over to Mount Pleasant, you’ll find a booming historic downtown. With movie nights on the square, as well as Festival’s and Parades, it seems that there are always activities. If you’re looking for good schools for your children, their education system is second to none.

1:05 - Mike Voice Over (Summertown)

1:05 - Mike Wolfe: Headed south, you’ll end up in Summertown. This place has its own fascinating “Back to the Land” stories. In the 1970s, a caravan of school buses and vans brought 320 “hippie idealists” from San Fransisco to pool their resources and put down roots in the Tennessee hills. If you’re looking to get away from it all, you’ll be sure to find some like minded folks.

1:15 - Mike on screen

1:15 - Mike Wolfe: As you can see each place has its own unique character, and they’re all close in proximity if you want to sample each one. Lets hop over to the west side of the Trace to see what there is to offer.

1:25 - Mike Voice Over (Centerville)

1:25 - Mike Wolfe: Centerville is perfectly situated in the beautiful Duck River valley 60 miles southwest of Nashville. It’s the only incorporated town in the county, with 11 square miles of small-town living, a music heritage heartbeat, and an abundance of surrounding acreage and farm land and fishing spots.

1:35 - Mike Voice Over (Linden)

1:35 - Mike Wolfe: Linden, Tennessee is a picture-perfect small town, full of quaint shops, restored buildings, an award-winning Inn, and a historic Main Street with a Downtown Arts District that draws visitors from across the country. If outdoors is your thing, there is plenty of canoeing, kayaking, and fishing to do on the Buffalo and Tennessee Rivers.

1:45 - Mike Voice Over (Hohenwald)

1:45 - Mike Wolfe: Hohenwald means “High Forest” in German. This classic small town is tucked seven miles back into the trees along the Natchez Trace Parkway, just 85 miles southwest of Nashvile. It’s a friendly, thriving community with loads of charm, a one-of-a-kind claim to fame, and a surprising wine country vibe. Hohenwald is also famous for it’s elephant sanctuary. The sanctuary itself is private, but the Elephant Sanctuary Discovery Center downtown Hohenwald will give you a glimpse into their lives and personalities.

1:55 - Mike Voice Over (Clifton)

1:55 - Mike Wolfe: It’s hard not to fall for a classic river town; Clifton, Tennessee is no exception. Sunsets on the water, beautifully preserved historic buildings, and plenty of opportunities to get outside, on and off the river. lifton is home to an emerging arts district, with local theater, fine arts, music, literature and artisan crafts fueling the town’s culture. Life in an artsy small town is about more than craft fairs and festivals, though Clifton has plenty of both. Whats not to love?

2:05 - Mike Voice Over (Waynesboro)

2:05 - Mike Wolfe: Waynesboro is home to 2,500 people who appreciate all of the perks of small-town living: affordability, low crime, good schools, and an opportunity to be a part of a close-knit community. Like so much of the TNT, Waynesboro is a music town, home to local musicians, acclaimed songwriters, and aspiring performers. The Waynesboro Music Museum is brimming with the memorabilia and songs that connect the town to Muscle Shoals, Nashville, Memphis, and other music cities.

2:15 - Mike Voice Over (Collinwood)

2:15 - Mike Wolfe: Collinwood, an historic former railroad town, sits just north of the Alabama state line, welcoming north-bound travelers to Tennessee just a few hundred yards off the Natchez’s fair to say all of Collinwood Tennessee is a visitors’ center of sorts. The town is widely known as a friendly stop for travelers, offering markets, grocery stores, and a bite to eat for anyone driving or riding the Trace. Nashville cyclists, Midwestern road trip tourists, cross-country motorcyclists, and even Canadian RV travelers stop through regularly as they travel the scenic route through the Mid-South, and they all make friends in Collinwood.

2:25 - Mike Voice Over (Loretto)

2:25 - Mike Wolfe: If you’re looking for your Mayberry, Loretto just might be the ticket. From parks and schools to Christmas parades and community events, this small town is a Rockwell painting come to life. When it comes to affordability and access, Loretto is a gem. Situated just 20 minutes outside of the Shoals, many folks commute to regional jobs, but it’s not the commute you might be used to. Gorgeous scenery, zero traffic, and smooth, interstate- quality highway access puts bigger cities within easy reach while still enjoying the easy cost of living that a small town provides.

2:35 - Mike Voice Over (Muscle Shoals)

2:35 - Mike Wolfe: The region we call “The Shoals” is actually a cluster of four Alabama cities spanning two counties, tucked right near the Tennessee line. Like Nashville, Muscle Shoals, Florence, and Sheffield are Music Cities in their own right, and the perfect bookend to the Tennessee Trace. 

2:45 - Mike on screen

2:45 - Mike Wolfe: If you can’t tell, I’m passionate about the people and the places in this area. It’s Tennessee’s secret utopia. If it seems a little too good to be true, then why don’t you see for yourself and visit Nashville's Big Back Yard.

2:55 - END

2:55 - END







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